Tackling The Big Jobs: World’s Largest Auger Boring Machine Finds Plenty Of Work In Canada

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2012, Vol. 67 No. 9

“American Augers recognized the need for a product with greater capabilities for excavating and pushing large-diameter pipes in the ground than the auger boring machines available,” said Dave Vidovic, auger boring product manager at American Augers. “Many of the large-diameter projects were either short in length and hand mined or longer jobs had to be executed by cumbersome and expensive equipment. We recognized the need for a ABM that could make longer drives of pipes in the 60- to 72-inch diameter range.”

To satisfy those needs, Vidovic said American Augers initiated development of a new, large AGM, ultimately resulting in introduction of the 84/96-1800.

Based in West Salem, OH, American Augers has been an industry leader in auger boring since the 1970s -- the company’s first product was an auger boring machine and has been a pioneer in the development of auger boring technology. Available accessories include dirt and rock cutting bits, a complete range of auger sections, hex adapters, casing size adapters and repair components and support equipment.

Today the American Augers product line includes large and mid-size horizontal directional drilling equipment, mud pump and cleaning systems, oil and gas drilling rigs and support equipment and accessories for all its products. American Augers equipment is used across the world and supported by a dedicated parts and technical service department.

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