Threading The Needle: Precision Boring Required For Project At Underground LPG Storage Facility

September 2011, Vol. 66 No. 9

“At the third location, since the fiber [cable] was in direct line with the bore path, we were limited to pulling back the steel casing in increments of 10 feet,” Abe says. “This required us to weld each segment together in the pit, repeating the process until the entire 150-foot shot was complete. We were also required to pressure test each weld, which slowed the process down quite a bit.”

With the exception of a few minor learning-curve glitches that Veidmark explains were quickly rectified by the AXIS system experts at Vermeer, the six bores were completed on-target, on-line and on-grade.

“The capability to maintain the target so precisely and the confidence to know that you will hit your end target exactly where intended is a huge advantage for the AXIS system,” Abe says. “The cost is another huge advantage.”

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