Tier 4 Impacts Welders, Equipment

By Eric Snyder, The Lincoln Electric Company | June 2012, Vol. 67 No. 6

Next steps?
There is some good news. You don’t need to replace your existing 25 HP to 74 HP diesel engine-driven welders with the new compliant models immediately, since the new rules pertain only to new engines manufactured after Jan. 1. 2013. Equipment turnover can still occur as part of your regularly scheduled fleet maintenance and upgrade plan.

Because Canada is expected to follow EPA Tier 4F guidelines, the same redesigns and ensuing price increases are anticipated in 2013 for products to be sold and operated there as well. For areas of the world outside the United States and Canada, existing diesel welders will continue to be available in 2013 and beyond, with price changes expected to be typical of year-to-year changes.

Based on the anticipated 2013 price increases, if you do need to obtain new equipment this year, it is recommended that you order early to avoid the possibility of longer delivery times later in the year. And, if possible, it is recommended that you move capital expenditures from 2013 into 2012 for the same reason.

Products with lower than 25 HP diesel engines will not require significant emissions after-treatment and, therefore, will not be affected in a significant way by these new requirements. For these engines, expect cost changes and product price changes for 2013 to follow traditional year-to-year changes.

New environmental regulations will reshape how higher-horsepower, diesel engine-driven welders are designed, manufactured and sold in the United States and Canada. The year 2013 will be the beginning of a new era for these products. With a little bit of education and good planning now, you have the opportunity make a smooth transition into 2013 and beyond.