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July 2009 Vol. 64 No. 7
After the splitter box discharges were cleaned and prepared (left), they were lined with CIPP (right) and sealed.

As the tube was installed through the splitter box opening, water pressure inside the tube moved it forward while inverting it along the host pipe interior. To effectively cover the damage in the inlet pipe crowns, the liner was designed to be 1.25 inches thick.

After an inversion was complete, the water in the tube was heated to accelerate the reaction that turns the resin into a permanent, chemically stable solid while also being corrosion resistant. Reynolds supplied two boiler trucks to shorten the job’s total cure cycle and thus minimize clarifier downtime.

Over the course of the project, 680 feet of CIPP rehabilitation was performed. Before a clarifier was brought back on line, the area where the splitter box connects with the discharge elbow was cleaned and sealed to improve resistance to corrosive wastewater being distributed from the box.

Inliner is a full service rehabilitation company specializing in its proprietary Inliner CIPP technology. In addition to that core business, Inliner offers a variety of other rehabilitative measures including U liner, manhole renewal, lateral rehabilitation and traditional excavation.

Based in metropolitan Atlanta with offices in eight states, Jordan, Jones and Goulding, Inc., offers a broad range of engineering and other services. Areas of expertise include water, wastewater, water resources, and storm water management.

AOC is a leading supplier of high-quality Vipel resins to the CIPP industry.


AOC Resins, (901) 854-7291, www.cippresins.com
Inliner Technologies, (812) 723-0704, www.inliner.net
Jordan, Jones and Goulding Inc., (770) 455-8555, www.jjg.com

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