Trenchless Pipe Replacement: Rehabilitation Spotlight

October 2012, Vol. 67 No. 10
The HammerHead HB100 static pipe-bursting system

Trenchless pipe replacement methods from HammerHead, TT Technologies, TRIC Tools, Tenbusch and Nowak Pipe Reaming.

HammerHead Trenchless

The HammerHead HB100 static pipe-bursting system offers 100 tons of pulling power. The HB100 has the muscle to replace water, sewer and gas lines as large as 16 inches, yet is compact enough to replace lines as small as 3 inches. Two levers control all pipe bursting functions — a first in larger tonnage static-bursting machines. High production is achieved through a simple one-man operation and on-board storage for 150 feet of rod that allow the HB100 to complete a 400-feet job, including payout and pullback in only two hours. Optional hydraulic leveling jacks adjust to place the machine on grade and aligned with the existing utility. Adjustments can be made during the burst as conditions change without stopping the burst process. HammerHead uses a heat-treated alloy rod that weighs only 27 pounds. An API-style joint handles thrust loads encountered when pushing around sweeping bends and encrusted or collapsed pipes compared to loose joint rod designs, which can buckle in encrusted or collapsed pipes. The optional rod spinner makes and breaks joints with 250 ft-lb (339 Nm) of torque and helps to increase overall production. 800.331.6653,

TT Technologies
TT Technologies_rehab spot.jpg
Replace laterals without costly trenches, restoration and social disruption using the Grundotugger pipe bursting system. The Grundotugger provides the portability you want and the power you need to burst and replace service laterals, up to 150 feet and more, quickly and easily. It is particularly ideal for negotiating turns and bends up to 45 degrees. This lightweight system (no component over 70 pounds) includes everything you need for bursting operations including bursting heads for 4- and 6-inch pipe, winch cable, power pack and pipe fusion equipment. Pulling on a larger radius protects the cable from premature wear and ensures longer life. Lower hydraulic pressure (3,000 psi max) adds safety and allows a skid steer or mini-excavator power supply. A bottom stabilizer plate eliminates additional blocking in soft soils. A non-serrated gripping system also protects the cable. 800.533.2078,

BJM pump

BJM pump
BJM Pump

The J-Series electric submersible pumps offer top performance and high quality for a very modest investment. The pumps are designed for long life and trouble free performance. The J-Series electric submersible pumps offer top performance and high quality for a very modest investment.