Tunnel Project Helps Meet San Antonio Growth

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | March 2009 Vol. 64 No. 3

"In areas where the breaker was not efficient enough, we hired a subcontractor to use a four foot wide rock saw to cut the hardest rock down to grade on both edges of the trench," Deemer said. "We then chipped out the remaining rock in the center of the trench with the PC1000. Ground water encountered during the open cut process was addressed with numerous pumps in the pit to keep the work area dry."


The wastewater component of the capital improvement program focuses on sustaining aging collection systems, maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and supporting wet weather and operational demands, said SAWS' Beymer. A major focus continues to be repairing and adjusting wastewater mains in coordination with the City of San Antonio's bond program.

Collection system projects funded in 2009 will rehabilitate critical mains and also continue to add capacity in the rapidly growing far west area of the city. It also funds the continuation of a comprehensive lift station assessment and rehabilitation program that will ensure these critical facilities remain in full compliance with state regulations, industry codes and best management practices. Large collection lines in the central and western watersheds will be upgraded to expand their capacity.

The wastewater treatment component of the 2009 capital improvement program includes projects that will replace or upgrade aging components and processes and address safety concerns at the Dos Rios treatment plant.

Contractor: BRH Garver Construction L.P., (713) 921-2929, www.brhgarver.com
Trenching contractor: H.L. Chapman, (512) 259-7662, www.hlchapman.com
Pipe: Hobas Pipe USA, (800) 856-7473 or (281) 821-2200, www.hobaspipe.com
Excavator: Caterpillar, (309) 675-1000, www.cat.com
Consulting engineer: Weston Solutions, (210) 308-4300, www.westonsolutions.com

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