Two Methods Of Culvert Repair Successful In Indiana

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | March 2011, Vol. 66 No. 3

ODOT District 3 design personnel’s hydraulic analysis showed that an improved inlet was required to lower the proposed headwater and meet ODOT's drainage design criteria, and Indiana Reline proposed the use of the world’s first solid wall HDPE Hydro-Bell inlet.

Bates said ODOT District 3 engineers reviewed the proposed solution and accepted the use of the improved inlet based on the fact that the design of the Hydro-Bell allowed for approximately an 18 percent increase in the HDPE liner pipe capacity and also corresponded to a lower outlet velocity.

The project required approximately two weeks to complete and included construction of an inlet end bulkhead.

“Installing a liner in the existing pipe was a great option for several reasons,” said Timothy Farley, PE, ODOT District 3 highway management administrator. “The work
was done without disruption to traffic which given the alternative, to open-cut the site, a road closure and detour would have been needed.

“The project was completed independent of the weather conditions since earthwork, backfilling and asphalt were not necessary. The site was left relatively undisturbed with minimal impact to the ground-side vegetation. A project of this magnitude, installing a liner within the existing 72-inch culvert more than 300 feet long under 35 feet of fill beneath a four-lane divided, limited access highway, proved to be a very cost-effective solution to rehabilitate a failing culvert. This wasn't a do it yourself project and Indiana Reline demonstrated that through their prompt professional service.”

Based in Sulphur Springs, IN, Indiana Reline was incorporated in 2000 with an initial focus of specializing in sliplining and cellular grouting. Over the past 10 years, Bates said the company has rehabilitated more than 55 miles of culvert and sewer pipes throughout the U.S. and today is one of the largest sliplining contractors in the Midwest, providing design services, construction and on-site technical support.

In addition to sliplining and grouting, the company offers pipebursting and pipe ramming services, HDPE fabrication, hand-mine tunneling and lake and spillway rehabilitation.

Indiana Reline, (877) 533-5040,
Sekisui SPR Americas, (678) 510-1820, www.sekisui

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