UCon @ ICUEE: Day 1

Vermeer, Ditch Witch, Paladin and McLaughlin--and rain
Web Exclusive
Underground Construction editor Robert Carpenter on Vermeer's RTX 550 with TrenchSense.

Paladin is announcing the formation of Paladin Construction Group from the joining of Paladin Light Construction and Paladin Heavy Construction. The company is an umbrella for eight brands of attachments, providing a one-stop shopping option for contractors looking to make the most of the equipment they already own while expanding their expertise into new project areas.
Doug Amerman poses in front of a JRB/Paladin bucket.
The company is using ICUEE to launch its Back 2 Work program, in which it makes its experts available to contractors for project problem-solving. Rebates up to $500 on Paladin attachments are also on offer at least until January 2010.

McLaughlin’s ICUEE star is a reintroduction of the cradle boring machine last produced in the 1960s and 70s. McLaughlin says the 54/60 model it’s launching has significant safety upgrades and is accurate within tenths of an inch in the hands of a skilled operator. It has been tested up to 650 feet on a 24-inch sewer line and avoids the need for a pricy pilot tube system. The machine is designed to use the water line to stay level, a low-tech but highly accurate method.

McLaughlin's air-water vacuum excavator
McLaughlin is also highlighting a 1200 cfm air-water vacuum excavator, from the Xtreme series.

As for UCT@ICUEE, the panel on Wind Power Industry Growth capping the day's sessions attracted 65 attendees. The panel was moderated by Tim Wagner of the PCCA and promised an overview and outlook for the industry. A full and promising first day, and another round starts tomorrow at 7 AM.