UCon @ ICUEE: Day 2

Astec, TT Technologies, Vacuworx, CETCO and more (whew)
Web Exclusive
Eddie Ward of TT Technologies and the Grundowinch.

At TT Technologies, since Underground Construction has already seen the new Mini-Grundotugger [http://undergroundconstructionmagazine.com/tt-technologies-introduces-trenchless-line-replacement-mini-grundotugger], we got the scoop on the KW 3000 Grundowinch. Suitable for small-diameter pipebursting, lateral bursting, telecom/fiber optic jobs, and sliplining among other applications, the Grundowinch is a three-ton constant-speed cable puller with 3280 feet of 3/8” cable. It will never exceed the tonnage you set as the limit for the materials you’re pulling, and it will print a receipt and copy data to a standard, removable memory card to prove that it didn’t to any supervisory crew or worried client. The touchscreen and the printout display the length and force of the pull at all times to prove you’ve never stretched the liner, fiber, pipe, or cable. The unit can also be used to pull cameras or UV curing lights. Speed averages 39 or 40 feet per minute. Four have been sold already.

The TT Technologies booth has a few more surprises in store, too. Talk to Eddie Ward or Brad Mincher about the surprising breakthroughs going on in the pits in front of TT’s booth K110, and tell them the Underground Construction blog sent you.
TT Technologies' researchers on press reactions to the unexpected. Right: Brad Mincher.

Vacuworx secured an outdoor booth at the last minute, and if you haven’t stopped by indoors you may not have put it on your list of places to stop, since it’s not in the show program. But the Pipe Handler demo is worth making some time in your schedule. The devices attach to any brand excavator and uses vacuum power and a fitted pad to lift any diameter of pipe as well as plate and slabs, up to 20 tons. The pads switch out in five minutes, and Vacuworx rents and leases the equipment to those not in a position to buy. The operator picks up the demo pipe like a paperclip to a magnet, and first lifts it and gently returns it to the ground before he starts showing off and swinging it around like a carnival ride. You don’t even have to appreciate the applications to enjoy the show.
Some younger ICUEE attendees take in the Vacuworx show.

There’s not much show left, but there’s a lot still to see. Stop any of us from Underground Construction on the grounds tomorrow, and we’ll give you your very own free magazine.

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