UCon @ ICUEE: Day 3

ALLU Group, John Deere, ISCO, RIDGID, Underground Solutions and more
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The business end of John Deere's 323 D-series skid steer loader.

At the ISCO tent, we saw the Fast Fusion Mobile Fusion Trac12 pipe fusion truck, released in April 2009. ISCO’s pipe fusion machine seals individual sections of polyethylene (HDPE) pipe together until the joint itself is the strongest part of the pipe, but the Trac12 allows an operator to sit in a climate-controlled cab, accept pipe lengths through one end, fuse them and send them out the back already cool enough to use directly—no additional cooling time needed. ISCO says the system makes the pipe fusing process up to 70 percent faster.

ISCO's Conley Harrington explains the Mobile Fusion Trac12.

The rains were coming, though, and as the morning turned to afternoon the outside lots were clearing out. Once it began to rain again in earnest, the action moved indoors for those of us lucky enough not to get stuck taking down demos or moving out equipment.

Once inside, we spoke to RIDGID, which showcased the new locator series and the SeeSnake camera devices. Brian Zeilman gave a demo of a soil pipe cutter that attracted a good bit of attention. Watch for a video coming soon. At the co-located H2O Expo (the National Rural Water Association) attendees were listening to see if they’d won a series of interesting prizes, including a Nintendo Wii, a Dodge pickup truck, 12 Maine lobsters, a rifle and my personal favorite, two Labrador puppies.

This little guy had a hard conference.

The co-location didn’t please everyone, though—at Underground Solutions, although he reported their show experience as pretty successful, Pete Trautman was of the opinion that so many exhibits to check out diluted the effectiveness of the conference for water-focused companies. That might have been one reason why so many exhibitors began striking their displays early. Even though the show was scheduled to run to three o’clock, by one-thirty it was getting sparse and the party was over by two.

Early ending or not, though, most people said the show had been good for them. A few were so busy that we couldn’t get an official evaluation of how the show was going, but being surrounded by an interested crowd is usually a good sign, a problem Melfred Borzall and Digital Control looked to have late Thursday. How was your experience? Let us know at Twitter @UConOnline, or send an email to webmaster@oildom.com if you’d like to comment. Watch for more post-show recaps and video from Vermeer, Vacuworx, Allu, RIDGID and more in this space. Farewell, ICUEE, and we’ll see you again in 2011!

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