UCT Kicks Off 2012 With A Bang

March 2012, Vol. 67 No. 3
IPBA members Andy Mayer, Brian Metcalf, Mike Woodcock, Matt Timberlake, Mike Rocco, Collins Collins Orton and George Mallakis.

“UCT this year opened with phenomenal attendance and we were literally overwhelmed with the number of good quality attendees that came in,” said Chris Brahler, president and CEO. “Many were interested in new products introduced for the first time here at UCT. Best of all is that we’ve gotten the best-quality customers we’ve had at any show in the last several years.”

Lee Dester, vice president, Copperhead Industries (tracer wire for buried utilities), Monticello, MN, said UCT is a good place for seeing a lot of contractors who use reinforced tracer wire and to introduce Copperhead’s product to those unaware of the brand.

“We also meet with a number of our distributors at UCT, which is a good place for us to stay in touch,” Dester added.

From a contractor’s perspective, Bob Harr, Harr Technologies, Anchorage, AK, said: “UCT was a really interesting show this year with a lot of new and innovative equipment and new ideas that continue to move the industry forward. We really appreciate the exhibitors bringing their products and ideas here. And the classes we attended were absolutely great. UCT is really good this year.”

Ben Goodhall, Inland Pipe Rehabilitation, Houston, TX, commented: “I’m at UCT to see the latest products in the utility market and to talk with colleagues in the industry who are here.”

Mike Rocco, Albuquerque Underground, Albuquerque, NM, said: “The RehabZone is cool. Each educational session I went to was well attended. The International Pipe Bursting Association track went really well, and the panel sessions were good. I think this show really helps the pipe bursting industry. I hit all the exhibits, and I like the revised show hours with an earlier start for exhibits on Tuesday, the later opening on Wednesday and the earlier end time the last day.”

Matt Timberlake, vice president/senior project manager, Ted Berry Company, Livermore, MA, said: “As a contractor and active member in the International Pipe Bursting Association (IPBA) there is nothing that we value higher than a conference that results in collaboration among participants and active participation by its attendees. The ability to collaborate with other industry leaders on issues that pertain to every day challenges we face is invaluable. The educational sessions that I was involved in had attendance that exceeded expectations, and members of the audience were both eager to learn and to participate. Hats off to the entire UCT team for one of the best conferences I have attended in all my years in the industry.”

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