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September 2011, Vol. 66 No. 9

Technology advancements and refinements have dramatically expanded options and limitations of CIPP rehabilitation. Learn about these advances and some fascinating, “pushing-the-envelope” case studies.
• Advancements In UV Curing Light Train Technology – American Made, American Designed
• ASTM: Update On New Design Direction For Close-Fit Liner Systems
• Addressing Geographic Challenges Of CIPP Projects
• Advanced Remote Monitoring Of The CIPP Lining Process Using Underground Temperature Sensors
• Certified Installer, Value Added Training For CIPP Lining
• Micro-Zone Thermosensing Delivers Comprehensive Verification Of CIPP Liner Cure
• Retrospective Study Of In-Service CIPP Liners
• CIPP Application For Water Pipe

For a real worldview of pipe bursting and its applications from experts in the field, attend this program track presented by the International Pipe Bursting Association, a division of NASSCO.
• IPBA And Industry Benefits
• Pipe Bursting Basics
• Pipe Bursting Myths
• Challenges And Solutions Of Large Diameter Projects
• Lessons Learned In Replacement Of 50 VCT Sewer Mains By City Crews
• Small Diameter “Micro” Pipe Bursting
• Addressing Social And Environmental Impact In Madison, WI
• Consolidated Mutual Water Company Continues With Pipe Bursting Rehabilitation Program For Distribution Mains
• Update: Asbestos Cement Pipe Enforcement Activities
• Risk Management For Contractors
• Cost Analysis Of Pipe Bursting Compared To Other Technologies
• Cost Savings Associated With Lateral Pipe Bursting Technologies
• Ask The Experts