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September 2011, Vol. 66 No. 9

Interact with industry professionals during this series of “real world” presentations that feature studies and information, and their value, to the trenchless market. Also, learn about trenchless advancements from the North American Society for Trenchless Technology in a special forum.
• Performance Of Structural Liner At The Location Of Ring Fracture
• Multi-Segment Evaluation For Selecting Underground Utility Construction Methods
• Field Monitoring Of Pilot Tube Microtunneling Installations
• NASTT Forum: Advancement In Trenchless Technology

The emphasis of this in-depth track is to help you effectively conduct horizontal directional drilling operations and maximize profitability. Also, interesting and informative case studies will be presented.
• Drilling For Profit
• Utilizing Drilling Fluids In Environmentally Sensitive Areas
(Presented by the Distribution Contractors Association)
• Addressing Geothermal Drilling Problems
• Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight And Winning: Completing Larger HDD Projects With Mini To Mid-Size Drills
• Competitive Bidding Of Fused Pipe Materials And HDD Minimizes Disruption And Cost
• Preventing Drill Pipe And Downhole Tool Failures
• Advances In HDD Intersects
• California Water Utility Jumps Hurdles With Deep-Bore
• HDD Techniques, Restrained-Joint PVC Pipe
• The Birkdale ‘B’ Project: 3,420’ At-Grade In New Zealand
• Managing HDD Legal Risks, Disputes Due To Subsurface Conditions

In today’s construction environment, the emphasis on damage prevention and safety is intense, and still growing. This series of presentations will concentrate on the utility contractors’ perspective, particularly risks, outcomes and topics directly influencing contractors. A special one-day locator-training program will be offered as a separate program on Jan. 26.
• 2012 Regulatory & Enforcement Update
• Going Beyond One-Call To Reduce Or Prevent Utility Damages
• Emergency Procedures When A Gas Line Is Hit
• Investigating An Accident – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
• What To Do When Locates Don’t Go As Expected
• Efforts To Prevent Cross Bores Making Progress
• Understanding Proper Tracing Selection To Providing A More Complete Locating System
• State Creates Unique Locator Certification Program
• Eliminating Line Strikes: Policy And Procedure
• Trends In Excavation/Trench Safety

BJM pump

BJM pump
BJM Pump

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