UCT@ICUEE announces the 2009 conference program

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I. Utility Damage Prevention & Safety
A. Cross Bores And Legacy Guidelines (Presented by the Cross Bore Safety Association)
Description: Cross bores of sanitary sewers by natural gas distribution lines were first reviewed by NTSB in 1976. Trenchless techniques including moles, plows and horizontal directional drill techniques are frequently implicated where cross bores have been found.
The gas distribution industry has a wider reaction to injuries, damage and deaths that have resulted. Standardization of the processes and project management have resulted in CBSA Guidelines for Cross Bore Elimination. These guidelines will be presented in detail and discussion of new technologies and techniques for legacy cross bore elimination will be included.
Speaker: Mark Bruce
Can Clay Corp.
402 Washington Street
Cannelton, IN 47520
(812) 547-3461; fax (812) 547-6514
E-mail: mbruce@canclay.com
Speaker: Joe Purtell
Director of Software Development
Cues Inc.
17 Brackenbury Ln.
Beverly, MA 01915
(800) 432-1549; cell (617) 407-4354
E-mail: joep@cuesinc.com
B. New Construction Techniques For The Elimination Of Cross Bores (presented by the CBSA)
Description: Moles, plows and directional drills are trenchless techniques for installation of new underground utilities. Their use has the advantage of minimal disruption to the surface and traffic. They also have the advantage of being the most economical solution in many applications.
However, the lack of ability to visually see the installation
brings the risk of intersection of existing utilities. New installation projects can substantially increase the initial and long term (legacy) safety of the installation by adopting new methods for prevention of cross bores. The initial focus of the effort is to eliminate creation of cross bores of gas distribution lines into sewers by use of specific techniques and technologies. Installation safety is hindered by lack of good quality location of existing utilities, including sewers.
Comprehensive planning for success is essential to safe
results. Presentation of the best practices will include discussion of responsibilities, pre-locating methods and post locating verification. Mapping into GIS systems from GPS aware equipment will be discussed. The presentation will include a question and answer segment following the presentation.
Speaker: Mark Wallbom

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