UCT@ICUEE announces the 2009 conference program

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II.. Power & Telecom
A. Utilities Recognizing Conversion To Underground Can Limit Outages, Damages
Description: Deadly ice storms over the last few years have left hundreds of thousands in a wide area of the country without electric power. While converting overhead power cable is expensive, such disasters are causing utility providers to investigate aerial to underground conversion programs. Contractor Davis H. Elliot will discuss an on-going conversion program in Oklahoma.
Speaker: Davis H. Elliot
Lexington, KY
B.. Wind Powers Industry Growth
Description: More and more wind farms are appearing across the country’s landscape, but harnessing the wind to produce power requires more than just large windmills. Cable collection systems link wind turbines to substations, and new access roads along with improvements to existing roads are required as well. This session provides an overview and outlook for this emerging industry.
Moderator: Ronald Tagliapietra
Senior Vice President
Michels Corporation
817 West Main Street
PO Box 128
Brownsville, WI 53006
(920) 583-3132; fax (920) 583-3429
E-mail: tag@michels.us
Speaker: TBD
III. Utility Operations
A. GPS Technology Will Enhance the Way Buried Utilities Are Located, Marked
Description: A one-county trial program in Virginia incorporating GPS technology to identify buried facilities proved so successful it has been expanded to include all state counties containing buried pipelines. The president of Virginia’s one-call agency will provide background and details of the program.
Speaker: Rick Pevarski
Virginia Utility Protection Service Inc.
1829 Blue Hills Circle, N.E.
Roanoke, VA 24012
(540) 985-9355, ext. 2005
E-mail: rpevarski@vups.org
B. Find That Pipe! Good Tracking/Locating Practices
Description: Many recent improvements have been made to underground imaging technology and sonde tracking equipment. However, unless your company follows good tracking and locating practices, damaging other underground utilities will occur – sometimes with catastrophic results. Learn how your locating procedures can be improved for better efficiency and how tracking properly will keep your drill rigs out of trouble.
Speaker: Mike Dvorak
Global Account Manager - Electronics
The Charles Machine Works Inc.
P.O. Box 66
Perry, OK 73077

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