Unique Solution To Manhole Installations In Busy Chicago Intersections

April 2012, Vol. 67 No. 4
The project was challenging in that manholes needed to be installed in the middle of two different busy Chicago intersections.

DiPaolo rented a modified four-sided pit system that utilized two Efficiency Shore-Trak panel guides. The panel guides replace regular slide rail panels which allowed DiPaolo to install stab sheeting tightly around the existing sewer line on both ends, 12 feet into the excavation. Shore-Trak panel guides are an exclusive feature of Efficiency Production’s Slide Rail System.

Once the existing and active 72-inch combination sewer was uncovered and excavated below the pipe’s invert, DiPaolo cut open a large section of the pipe and inserted two 16 inch HDPE lines, creating a flume that kept the water flowing and the pipe active. DiPaolo installed a precast 9.5 by 17-foot manhole base structure in the open section, with a second structure on top of the base that transitioned to an eight-foot diameter round manhole with access from the road.

This entire process was repeated again in the middle of another intersection, utilizing the same slide rail components.

The completed manhole.

Regarding Slide Rail, Sal DiPaolo concluded: “I thought it was a great approach for the unusual challenges of this particular project. I’d certainly use it again in the future, if it seemed like the right application for the project.”

Founded by Angelo DiPaolo in 1960, DiPaolo Construction is a 50-year-old, family-owned company. Angelo DiPaolo is a past president of the National Utility Contractors Association.

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