Vacmasters Introduces Powerful Air Vac System

First Look
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | March 2011, Vol. 66 No. 3

Vacmasters has introduced a new air vacuum excavation system which becomes the most powerful model in the Vacmasters product line. It also is the largest commercially available air vacuum system on the market, said Trevor Connolly, Vacmasters vice president of marketing.

Connolly said the System 6000 is the first air vacuum excavator with the power to trench as well as dig potholes. Compressed air for excavation is delivered through a proprietary air lance to penetrate, expand and displace all types of soil. A System 6000 can dig a 12- by 12-inch pothole to a 5-foot depth in three to five minutes, depending on soil conditions.

“The primary benefit of excavating with high-pressure air is that large quantities of water are unnecessary, eliminating both the time required to continually replenish water supplies and the cost to transport and dispose of muddy spoils,” said Connolly. “In addition, air will not damage underground utilities as high-pressure water can, making air excavation safer for operators and other crew members. Water is a non-compressible fluid that can cut or otherwise damage utilities. Water also is conductive, making it potentially dangerous when working around buried power lines or equipment. Also, air will not damage the road base and won’t spread contamination plumes as water can do.

“When buried utilities are present on a job site,” Connolly continued, “there is no faster and safer way to dig than ‘airodynamically’ with the new Vacmasters System 6000. The trenching capability is useful in situations when mechanical equipment cannot be used because of site size or restrictions and excavating by hand is too slow and not cost effective. With the System 6000, one machine can both pothole and trench.”

The System 6000 is powered by a 250-horsepower John Deere diesel engine. Its compressor is rated at 350 cfm producing 250 psi air through an air lance for excavation, and 100 psi to power accessory air tools. Its vacuum is rated at 1,866 cfm at 15 inches of mercury. An auxiliary water system delivers water at pressures from zero to 3,000 psi and three gpm for clean-up work. The spoil tank holds 950 gallons while water tank capacity is 85 gallons.

Other features include:

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