Vacuum Excavators (Air & Hydro): Equipment Spotlight

July 2013, Vol. 68, No. 7
The 49-hp Ditch Witch FX50 vacuum excavator

The Vacmasters SYSTEM 6000 Air-Vacuum Excavation System has the ability to trench and pothole using supersonic air from a proprietary nozzle to rapidly and efficiently dig in every soil type. All the components, including the 350 cfm/250 psi compressor, the 1,866 cfm Positive Displacement Blower, and the high pressure water system, are all powered by a single, enclosed John Deere 250-hp turbo diesel engine for quiet, dependable operation. Features include a self-purging filtration system, selectable air or water digging, remote operation up to 200 feet away, fast-acting interceptor canister, fully supervised control panel, 270 degree wireless-remote hose boom, full opening rear door, enclosed power-head and low-maintenance design. 800.466.7825,

Vactor_vacuum spot.png
HXX Hydroexcavator PD – the Vactor positive displacement (PD) vacuum excavator is the preferred vacuum excavator among contractors with its high vacuum capabilities. The high vacuum capabilities of the Vactor PD allow material to be moved from great depths and distances not achievable with centrifugal compressors. 800.627.3171,

Vac-Tron Equipment
Key features of Vac-Tron’s ATV Series Chassis-Mounted Air Excavation System are: a 2,400 cfm vacuum pump; a 300 cfm at 225 psi air compressor; a 2,000 psi at 15 gpm water pump; and a 160 hp JCB diesel engine. An 1,800 gallon debris tank; hydraulic tilt; hydraulically opened rear door with push-button controls; 6-inch brass rear discharge valve with dust cap; large 8-inch stainless steel portal shutoff (stops vacuum when debris tank is full); and a 425 gallon water capacity also are included. A 6-way, 6-inch fully hydraulic boom and an additional 4-inch 30 foot suction hose make this an ideal choice. 888.822.8766,