Valve Exercising Creates New Opportunity For Contractors

Vacuum Excavator
April 2011 Vol. 66 No. 4

There are two common types of valve exercisers on the market. A scissor-type valve exerciser arm opens and expands from the vacuum in the scissor-type fashion. The advantage is that this type of system allows you to maneuver the arm over a small fence or other obstacle in order to reach the valve box. The other option is a sling-out-arm valve exerciser. This type of system does not offer as much vertical (up and down) mobility, but provides more stability. Therefore, on larger valves not as much torque will be absorbed by the sling-out arm.

Also select a valve exerciser that is easy to dismount from the vacuum excavator and has the ability to electronically collect and record data from each valve. The valve exerciser should also provide a range of motion. Some units offer 15 feet of reach and 270 degrees of rotation, allowing multiple valves to be exercised from a stationary spot, helping to save time.

Gasmovic also encourages contractors to pay special attention to the filtration system and select a system that will filter the spoil and avoid clogging -- such as a three-stage cyclone filtration system that allows for both wet and dry vacuum excavation. Many manufacturers use bag house filtration systems. In simple terms, a bag house filtering system is just like the bag on a vacuum cleaner. Should the bag get wet prior to dust and debris being introduced, a layer of mud will form on the outside of the bag, limiting performance -- and in some cases -- requiring you to stop work to wash the bag.

Valve exercising may be a new market that can help provide additional uses for your vacuum excavator and a new source of revenue. Just take the time to research the market and explore how municipalities in your area are addressing this directive. A little exercise never hurt anyone, and as cities across the country can attest, this exercise movement will be around for some time.

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