Vermeer Introduces Microtrencher For Fiber Installation

First Look
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | January 2011 Vol. 66 No. 1

A cyclonic high-CFM vacuum system is connected to the microtrench attachment via a four-inch hose to simultaneously remove the material as it is cut, leaving a clean trench for placement of duct. The excavated material is not used to refill the trench. Most cities, said Kuyers, require a grout meeting requirements specified by the local governing body or local department of transportation.


During development, Kuyers said Vermeer employed contractor-based testing on fiber projects representative of conditions in which the equipment will be used.

“We experimented with tooth designs and set ups in order to improve performance and durability,” he said. “We believe the result is a productive, cost-efficient microtrenching system for the rapid deployment of fiber optic cable.”

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