Vermeer Large Rig Offers Power, Mobility In Compact Footprint

September 2013, Vol. 68 No. 9

Vermeer will introduce a new 240,000-plus pound pullback horizontal directional drill (HDD) at the 2013 ICUEE show in Louisville, KY. The D220x300 Navigator is projected to be available during the first quarter of 2014.

The new model will fill a void in the changing HDD market and is expected to see wide use in energy field projects, said Jon Heinen, Vermeer pipeline business segment manager.

“There’s no doubt that in today’s competitive trenchless marketplace, contractors are encountering increasingly challenging HDD job requirements,” said Heinen. “Job requirements are stricter and deadlines grow ever-shorter.”

Projects today, Heinen continued, call for an easy-to-mobilize, powerful machine that can handle rough terrain on remote jobs as well as having the small footprint required in urban areas.

“Simply put,” said Heinen, “drills need to be more powerful without growing in size.”

Right sized
The answer, he said, is a self-contained maxi rig, and Vermeer anticipates that their new D220x300 rig will fill that niche. The unit features maximum pullback of 242,000 pounds, rotational torque of 30,200 foot-pounds and spindle speeds to 164 rpm. The self-contained drill unit is only 37-feet long and 8.5-feet wide.

“The onboard pump boasts a robust capacity of 330 gpm at 1,200 psi, allowing for a truly self-contained unit when working in confined areas,” Heinen continued. “Competitive units are either not self-contained, making access of tight rights-of-way difficult, or onboard pumps are undersized compared to the capacity of the D220x300 pump.”

Heinen said the new model is well suited to contractors who are considering expanding their market to energy work.

“Such a contractor may recognize he needs to move up from a 100,000-pound category drill, but a 300,000-pound model may be too much of an up-size,” he explained. “The versatility of the D220x300 with its footprint-to-power ratio allows entry into the pipeline market, providing faster mobilization and cost savings due to fewer set-up costs.”

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