Volvo PL4809D Rotating Pipelayer Lifts Productivity To New Heights

June 2014, Vol. 69, No. 6

Offering stability with a 90-ton lifting capacity, the PL4809D features Volvo patented 360 degree swing capability for handling large, heavy pipes with ease. The PL4809D’s excavator-based design also allows the machine to be converted into a high-performance excavator, simply by swapping the pipelayer boom for the excavator boom included in the optional digging kit. Hydraulics are optimized for both pipelayer and excavator applications as standard. Service and maintenance have never been easier with more than 80 percent of parts in common with other Volvo excavators.

The PL4809D rotating pipelayer is designed to offer safety and flexibility, even on rugged terrain and inclines of up to 30 degrees. When holding a load on a slope, or during tie-ins, a heavy-duty mechanical slew lock fixes the superstructure at every tenth degree in relation to the undercarriage, protecting the transmission and providing excellent precision and security. A 70 percent improvement in tractive effort improves work on rough terrain and in slope work, while also increasing machine speed over flat ground.

A solid footing is secured by 30-inch tracks (optional 36 or 41 inch tracks) for added stability and lower ground pressure. The extra wide undercarriage is retractable, enabling the user to reduce the pipelayer’s width for road transportation; a factor that can result in considerable cost savings for the pipeline contractor.

The Volvo range of pipelayers feature long booms that are important for maintaining a safe distance from the trench. If needed, a boom extension is available, offering additional reach and hook height. The PL4809D’s newly designed undercarriage counterweights are located to the side of the machine for a lower center of gravity and greater stability — as well as easy cleaning. A mechanical anti two-block device with wireless transmitter prevents the winch blocks from coming into contact during lifting. Inside the cab, the high-pull winch can be operated using the operator’s preferred joystick. A mode switch boosts performance, using split pump flow for better load control during simultaneous travel / lift operations — or combined flow for maximum performance speed when travelling or in stationary pipe handling operations. A fine work mode gives high pressure and low flow for maximum lifting power but minimal fuel use.

Advanced operator environment

BJM pump

BJM pump
BJM Pump

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