Water Development Board Discusses Plans At GCTA Luncheon

By Traci Read, Senior Editor | November 2008 Vol. 63 No. 11

Hall explains: “The TWDB is responsible for the engineering and environmental aspects of the funding package from cradle to grave; from initial conception to the final touches of construction. Once a project is approved by the board, funding is released and we can in turn give it to the contractor.”

There is an application and approval process for prospective loan applicants. For DWSRF and CWSRF applicants, an Intended Use Plan must be submitted for the project. “This information is used to rate each proposed project and places them in a priority order. The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TEEQ) prioritizes potential DWSRF loan applicants’ projects using information contained in their files,” explains Hall. “Otherwise, we fund all other projects based in the order of priority.”

The state also provides other financial assistance for other programs. “Financial assistance for the planning, design and construction of State Water Plan (SP) projects may be obtained from the Water Infrastructure Fund (WIF), the State participation Fund, and the Economically Distressed Areas Program (EDAP),” says Hall

Texas Water Development Board, (512) 463-0991, www.twdb.state.tx.us.