WaterWorks News: Jackson main breakages, stimulus at work in Kennebunkport, Alaska water quality improvement projects and more

March 2010 Vol. 65 No. 3
Workers repairing breaks in Jackson, MS' water mains.

Fort Yukon, in interior Alaska, will receive almost $5.7 million to replace crib boxes and septic tanks that have failed because of permafrost conditions. The tanks, which leak into the ground, will be replaced with sewer mains, service lines and a lift station. Meanwhile, Kotzebue will receive almost $6 million to replace lift stations, water mains and to stop erosion at the reservoir, and Kasigluk will receive $6.3 million to construct a water and sewer system. Residents of the latter community haul water to their homes and dispose of waste in buckets.

Central Florida welcomes stimulus boost
Envisors, Winter Haven, FL, recently assisted in obtaining over $5 million in federal economic stimulus funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for several clients. The ARRA funding that was obtained includes 85 percent grant funding and 15 percent low interest (2.8 percent) loan financing to construct water infrastructure projects for the cities of Haines City and Sebring. The city of Lake Hamilton received notification shortly after that their initial application was approved after being denied because the project didn’t involve a public health problem. But Envisors was tracking the stimulus spending and saw that many projects came in at less than the original estimate. That's because construction companies struggling to find work kept their bids low. In order to obtain the ARRA funding, Envisors achieved shovel-ready status, including surveying, design, and permitting services, for the projects within a short two-month timeframe. The projects are as follows:

  • City of Haines City Northeast Water Main Expansion: Construction of approximately 6.4 miles of new 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-inch water main
  • City of Haines City Ground Storage Reservoir Improvements: Construction of two new 500,000 gallon ground storage reservoirs
  • City of Sebring Sparta Road Area Water Main Improvements: Construction of approximately 4.5 miles of new 12-inch water main
  • City of Lake Hamilton Main Street to U.S. 27 Water Main Improvements: Construction of new water lines at Sixth and Main streets to terminate approximately 0.75 miles below U.S. 27 at Palm Avenue.

Texas gets funds for new 179-mile water pipeline
As reported in the Star-Telegram, the Tarrant Regional Water District has received $101.6 million in financial assistance from the Texas Water Development Board to help with the design and planning of a 179-mile pipeline that will bring more water from East Texas to the Metroplex.

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