WaterWorks News: Water shortages, EPA proposes drinking water rule, RAMSCO buys Jones Water Supply

October 2010 Vol. 65 No. 10

James Beaudoin, president and CEO of RAMSCO, said that it made more sense to buy out a competitor than to open a shop in Binghamton.

The Binghamton operation will be called Jones Water Supply, a division of RAMSCO.

Using gravity to help solve the global water crisis
Gravitational Energy Corporation (GEC) introduces the Feltenberger Pendulum, a Gravity Assisted Power (GAP) machine. This unique hand-operated machine uses the force of gravity to help provide the power needed to operate various types of machinery. This versatile GAP machine can be applied to the generation of electricity, drilling of wells, desalinization/filtration of water and so much more.

For its first application, GEC is introducing an easy-to-use, hand-operated water pump and filtration system that needs no fuel or electricity, making it indispensible in the wake of natural disasters and struggling third world countries. In May of 2010, the first production model was sent to earthquake stricken Haiti.

"We donated the pump with an Aquathin filtration unit to One-Life Missions Foundation." says Art Drentlau, senior vice president. "We were deeply moved by the images on TV and knew that our product could help thousands of people in need of safe drinking water."

Bob Thompson, president of the One-Life Missions Foundation says, "We use the pump for three hours a day, and this provides enough drinking water for approximately 4,000 people. We hope to further leverage the power of this system by hooking up with our other NGO partners in Haiti to help thousands more."

The pendulum pump has four settings that adjust the volume and/or pressure of the water being pumped. "We can pump high volumes at low pressure or lower volumes of water at high pressure," says Matthew Butrick, chief engineer. "This higher pressure setting allows our pump to further purify water using a reverse osmosis filter system."
The optional water filtration system supplied with the pendulum pump is manufactured by Aquathin Corp. This unique filter system known as AquaShield contains a patented anti-microbial membrane that kills harmful bacteria and viruses in the water without the need of costly chemical dosing systems or UV radiation.

To learn more about this new technology, contact Art Drentlau at (330) 414-3835 or visit www.gravityassistedpower.com.

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BJM pump
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