WEF Names Electro Scan 'Best Innovative Technology'

September 2013, Vol. 68 No. 9

A benchmark comparison of water pressure testing and Electro Scan was conducted in 2012 at the Milwaukee Metro Sewer District (MMSD). In a project jointly sponsored by the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) and the USEPA, the study specifically compared Electro Scan to a number of condition assessment techniques to evaluate sewer laterals. While pressure testing identified a sewer lateral as “passing”, indicating a leakage rate of about one gallon per minute, Electro Scan found a significant number of leaks on the same pipe, including accurately locating specific defect locations, size, and estimated peak gallons per minute (GPM). Encrustations at defective joints had temporarily re-sealed defects in the lateral causing pressure testing to record a false-positive result. As part of the same study, Electro Scan found 555 defects compared to 160 defects found with CCTV, evaluating the same pipes in a single residential survey area.

Authorized worldwide Electro Scan Dealers can install Electro Scan in new and existing television trucks, allowing field operators to switch from CCTV to Electro Scan, and back again, within minutes. Advantages of the Electro Scan technology include its ability to scan pipes that are either full or partially full of water and provide automated leak detection information, including location to the nearest 0.4 inches and estimated peak GPM. While CCTV cameras are rarely, if ever, used during wet weather, Electro Scan, combined with CCTV, provides a year-round solution.

Electro Scan products are designed in accordance with ASTM Standard 2550-06 to assess non-conductive pipe materials (e.g. asbestos cement, brick, clay, plastic, resin lining, reinforced concrete, etc.).

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