Wellinghoff Named Acting Chairman of FERC

By Stephen Barlas, Washington Editor | March 2009 Vol. 64 No. 3

But one industry source suggested that Wellinghoff used his Sparrows dissent as a way to reassure the natural gas industry that it was mistaken if it thought Bradwood made him an enemy of natural gas. In Sparrows Point, Wellinghoff said it made more sense to get additional gas to the south and mid Atlantic regions by tapping gas from the Marcellus shale which extends through much of the Appalachian basin, with the core area running through Pennsylvania and parts of West Virginia, Ohio and New York. The effective delivery of Marcellus shale gas could be accomplished with expansion of pipeline and storage infrastructure in the region. For example, Columbia Gas has proposed to expand its storage in Ohio, in part, to facilitate access to increased production in the Appalachian basin.

“He was doing a savvy thing in Sparrows Point,” says the industry source about Wellinghoff. “He was saying ‘Let me be clear about what I meant in Bradwood Landing.’”