What Is Necessary For Manhole Rehabilitation Success? Correct Application, Use Of Manhole Rehab Technologies

By Gerhard “Gerry” P. Muenchmeyer, P.E., NASSCO Technical Director | October 2011, Vol. 66 No. 10

Coatings and linings are effective tools for rehabilitating manholes through trenchless means, without digging and replacing the entire structure. The selection and application of each system is important. The correct technology must be selected to provide the end results desired by the customer and the application must be performed by an experienced, trained and certified applicator. Specifications should be performance based and clearly spell out, in measurable terms, the quality that will be expected. Inspection and testing must be enforced to measure the quality of the installed product as required in the contract documents.

In November, the third installment of this series will discuss such topics as: How is a new product designed for a manhole? How is a product designed, using industry appropriate design equations? What does it mean when a product is termed structural versus non-structural or structurally enhanced? What testing should be performed to verify proper application? Should the level of applicator training be improved through advanced training, education and certification? Should third party inspection, by certified inspectors, become part of the technology or product application process?

Editor’s Note: Senior Editor Jeff Griffin contributed to this article.

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