What The Stimulus Brings

By Robert Carpenter, Editor | March 2009 Vol. 64 No. 3

Of course, some of the $6 billion will go for treatment, processing, etc. Still, the portion going to the underground piping infrastructure market for this year will dramatically change the market landscape. Assuming just half of the money gets allocated in 2009, that means the pendulum will have swung from a projected 4.1 percent decrease in spending to an almost 9 percent increase. And 2010 should experience a similar upswing in spending and construction. With any luck, our industry should actually thrive while waiting for good times to return.

Is your organization or company prepared to take advantage of this reversal of fortune?

Passing Of Industry Giants

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of two well-known industry figures, nothing shorts of icons to the underground construction industry.

Gary Vermeer, founder and chairman emeritus of Vermeer Corporation, died Feb. 2, in Pella, IA. He was 90. Then, two weeks later, distribution construction magnate Harold J. Mueller, 82, passed away in Tampa, FL.

That these two men will be missed in an understatement. Both had gentle ways but were firm in their resolve, brilliant in their execution and respected for all their accomplishments. They had an unparalleled commitment to family, community and industry. These two men touched our industry in a positive fashion that has become all too rare.

Though lost, they will be remembered; though gone, their legacy lives on.

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