Wireless World Impacts Contractors Bottom Line

March 2013, Vol. 68 No. 3

Cole said management personnel at all locations use smart phones. Some also use iPad-type devices. All field supervisory personnel, service electricians and warehouse personnel use wireless (non-smart phone) telephone/two-way communications devices. Field personnel are not provided devices that can access the internet.

“By utilizing smart phones,” continued Cole, “we can remain current every second of the day, which we believe directly affects the profitability of our work. Immediate day-to-day communication between the project managers and job-site supervisors is critical to our ability to be successful as a company. Devices with the two-way communications feature allow on-site communication and direct communication between the job-site and warehouse personnel.”

In addition, Cole said the wireless communications system brings peace of mind knowing management is in immediate contact with field personnel during emergencies.

Impact of wireless
FieldAware, a new company offering field service applications for small- to medium-sized organizations, cites an independent study prepared by the Aberdeen Group about the impact field service communications can have on a company’s bottom line.

Conclusions of the study quoted in a FieldAware white paper, Advantages Of True Mobility In Field Service Applications, found that effectively utilized mobile field service automation programs could increase worker productivity by an average of 27 percent, customer satisfaction by an average of 19 percent, increase service revenues by an average of 13 percent and overall profitability by an average of 17 percent.

“A key reason companies can achieve these types of results is that deploying mobile service solutions allows field workers to more effectively interact with back-office systems and easily share critical data on customers, jobs, assets and inventories with the entire service team,” said the white paper. “Basically, it is a process that digitizes the service workflow to eliminate the need for paper work-orders, significantly streamlines the scheduling process, dramatically increases field staff productivity and captures new revenue-generating opportunities by using very affordable automation technology.”

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