Woman Uses Crawler Inspection Tech To Launch 2nd Career

November 2008 Vol. 63 No. 11

Placht credits much of Pipe Peepers competitiveness with the technology. After less than a year, she is comfortable handling bids, sharing DVD results with the town engineers and printing reports. There’s a bit of ebb and flow with the town’s needs and so far, nothing she cannot handle. In her diligence, Placht gives the city a checklist to make sure they’ve gotten everything on behalf of the developer.

Meanwhile, Placht continues to makes herself at home in the world of storm and sewer pipes. Placht thinks a conscientious woman’s perspective actually makes Pipe Peepers stand out. She enjoys talking to the cities, developers, salespeople, even to the banks and insurance companies explaining what she does. “I wanted to own my own business and felt a personal calling to take on the challenge,” she says, “I have been blessed with everything working out the way it has.”

From obtaining her minority business status to having a great video inspection system, Placht is ready for her next inspection jobs. Her next purchase is a push camera for laterals as she takes Pipe Peepers to new levels.

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