Working On A Level Playing Field

December 2008 Vol. 63 No. 12

A & L Cable Services was given three months to complete the massive project that entailed 36 miles of underground cable installation and 50 miles of aerial work. In the end, the newly installed fiber network would link all of the schools in Robeson County on one fiber system, enabling school officials to communicate and share information more effectively.

When Jones and his crews started work on the job site at the beginning of September, they chose their rubber tire unit to plow the 2 inch conduit 36 inches deep. Though the machine was able to do the job, Jones says the uneven terrain and sandy clay loam in the rural area’s right-of-ways posed challenges for the rubber tire machine. “We were on the right-of-way, but in most cases, we had to be in the ditch or behind the ditch in the right-of-way,” Jones says. “In a lot of situations when you’re at the bottom of a ditch with a machine like that, you just have to pull the machine out and backhoe those areas, which slows the process down a lot.”

Just as Jones began pondering ways to keep his crews on pace to meet the demanding three month deadline, he received a call offering to demonstrate the Vermeer RTX1250. “Because our rubber tire unit was a 1999 model, we were looking to replace it,” Jones says. He was especially interested in seeing what the RTX1250 with the quad track system could do. Fortunately for him and his crews, the machine couldn’t have come at a better time.

Great timing

“We tried it for a day or two, and it did such a good job that we decided to go ahead and purchase it,” Jones says. “With this machine, we were able to put it on the back side of the ditch, on uneven terrain – wherever we needed it to go, and it would still do the job.”

By increasing side hill stability and floatation in soft or sandy soils, the quad track system on the RTX1250 can help improve productivity by allowing contractors to work in a broader range of weather and ground conditions. The quad track system has relatively no break over point, which allows for full power to all four tracks whether or not the tractor is moving, and maximizes tractive effort and stability by maintaining four point contact with the ground. The units innovative design also offers contractors the ability to switch between rubber tires and rubber quad tracks depending on the job application.

BJM pump

BJM pump
BJM Pump

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