Working Through Grief

Bore-Tek's response to tragedy
December 2008 Vol. 63 No. 12
Bore-Tek employees

Thompson and Lovell met with employees individually and discussed the situation and how the structure of the company would change. Through the initial period of shock, then grief, work somehow went on.

“We recognized everyone had to get through this emotionally while still taking care of business,” Thompson continued. “This was a critical project for us . . . everything was on the line. I know some business experts say there should be a distance between company management and employees, but we’re small enough that we are friends, and in a situation like this, it really helps to draw on the loyalty and support of everyone in the organization. It was a very intense time. Everyone’s reaction was very positive. It is amazing how hard they worked.”

Thompson said Williams’ sudden death completely changed his life.

“Bryan was a close friend to both Eric and I,” he said, “and he was the company’s front man. He was the contact with our clients. Eric and I took care of work in the field, Eric made sure we got paid and took care of finances. Many of our clients didn’t know who we were. Nothing I do work wise is the same as it was before.”

When the Johns Island job was finished, Bore Tek moved immediately to new projects.

“Basically we had run the business from the field for eight years,” said Thompson. “We really didn’t even have an office – everything was on Bryan’s laptop. Eric and I decided we needed to regroup and get organized. We developed a business plan that enables us to operate more efficiently. We are acquiring a site so our office and equipment yard will be in the same location.”

Currently Bore Tek is busy, new projects are coming in, and the company has a full workload.

“Bryan’s dedication over the years was evident to everyone who knew him,” concluded Thompson. “The three of us once pledged that whatever the challenge is, we would never, never, never give up. That was our only motto. It will not change.”

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