For Miller Pipeline, Damage Prevention & Safety Tops Core Values

Damage Prevention And Safety
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | January 2014, Vol. 69 No. 1

High consequence
“Last year, we implemented a new procedure related to crossing “high consequence” utilities when installing pipe by directional drilling. Slots must be opened over these utilities two feet on either side of the located line and the hole must be left open during the bore and pull back process, with observers left at the hole. We also have set minimum required distances to maintain between our new installations when we are parallel boring adjacent to existing high consequence utilities. Before we start boring, supervisors are also required to walk the path of the drill with our operators, looking for any points of conflict before we start boring,” he explained.

“No matter how excellent the plan, it’s up to personnel in the field to execute it,” Miller emphasized. “Daily huddles allow crew members the opportunity to discuss any special situations related to crossing high consequence utilities and planning for safe boring or digging. Employees who achieve "Excellent" scores on Job Site Safety Observations receive recognition. Promotional items are given away during peak times of the year to raise awareness. Raffles are held quarterly in each area to recognize positive safety performance and a “Safety Excellence Award” is given to the top three performing areas each year.”

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